Custom Boat Bar Reveal

Here at Cozy Kitchens, we pride ourselves in helping make our clients’ design visions become reality. Designing a charming bar that looked like an old weathered boat was the perfect task for our team. Our goal was to capture the feeling of being on the seven seas within the comfort of our client’s home.

After countless hours of excellent craftsmanship, we are pleased to show you the finished product! This spacious bar is equipped with a sink and large table top that can seat six or more guests. The boat received a brand-new paint job that made use of the blue color spectrum, tying it in to the decor and overall color scheme of the rest of the home. The color choice is soothing to the eyes and stands out perfectly amongst the room’s cherry colored wood. Click here to learn a bit more on the process of creating the boat bar and see our in-progress photos.

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