High Quality Custom Cozy Cabinets

Last year we remodeled our kitchen. We shopped around for cabinets because we had not been impressed with the quality of a vanity we had previously purchased from another supplier on the beach. We checked big box stores, other cabinet shops on the beach, and even on-line sources. We eventually decided on Cozy Kitchens, and we are now so happy we did! The quality of the construction and finish workmanship was top notch. The design assistance was superb, and the flexibility to work with some of our custom needs that couldn’t be satisfied by out-of-a-catalog solutions was very impressive. Their installation team was very proficient and professional. Not only did they do flawless work, they were flexible enough to work around the schedules of the other trades people who were installing plumbing, electrical, etc. We could have found a cheaper solution, but considering the quality of the Cozy Kitchens product, we feel we got a great return for our money. We knew we were only going to remodel the kitchen once; we now have a kitchen we will be proud of for many years to come.

So this year when we decided to remodel our master bathroom, there was no other source in our minds. We beat feet to Cozy and, again, total and complete satisfaction. I have nothing but the highest praise for Cozy Kitchens, their product, their installers, and their design staff.

Terry Simpson