On-Time High Quality

To Whom It May Concern:
I just want to thank everyone at Cozy Kitchens Group for all that they do to “make things happen”! Bluewater Restoration is in the Emergency Services business, and quick turn around time is crucial for all of our clients who own vacation rental homes here on the Outer Banks. Due to the fact that most of these homes are booked for the rental season, it is imperative that they do not lose any rental income due to their home not being available on the rental market. When disaster strikes one of these homes from either a water damage claim or fire, and a kitchen or bath has to be demolished and rebuilt, Cozy Kitchens is the only cabinet company that we will call. They do what they say they will do, when they say it will be done, and with the utmost professional manner. On several occasions, we have just showed up on your front doorstep with water damaged cabinets, and within 1 week’s time, Cozy has rebuilt, refinished, and delivered them to our job site; perfectly matching the existing cabinets that were unaffected! Because of the combined efforts of the appliance, design, and production divisions within Cozy Kitchens, you have played a key role in fulfilling our company’s Mission Statement that says “to exceed the expectations of our customers”! Cozy Kitchens covers the three (3) P’s for our company; Professionalism, Proficiency, and Price friendly. You can always count on Bluewater Restoration as a long term customer.

Best Regards,
Laurie Locklear Operations Manager
Bluewater Restoration